Sandra and Joel

Sandra and Joel dream of a house in the country with the right location and large spaces

Sandra Olofsson and Joel Westlin are looking for a house in the countryside. A place where they can pursue their interests, start a family, and invite friends and relatives.

“It is fine for us if the house is in need of renovations as long as the location is beautiful and at a reasonable commuting distance from the city,” says Joel.

The longing for the countryside comes from a combination of the fact that Joel grew up in the countryside and that they both have space-consuming interests.

“We both have creative interests. I have a large machine park for textiles, wood, and metal and Sandra paints, makes sculptures, and enjoys gardening. So it would be fantastic to have proper spaces to do projects on a larger scale,” says Joel.

If they could dream freely, they would want the house to be a bit secluded, within a convenient commuting distance to town, close to water, and with a view of the mountains. If they have children in the future, they also want the children to be able to run freely without heavy traffic nearby.

“When it comes to the condition of the house, we are open to everything, but location and charm are important! We would like to take on an old school, community centre, or something else exciting. A finished house also has its advantages,” says Sandra.

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