Linda an Christian

Moving does not need to be so complicated

Christian and Linda Tillman felt that they had too little time for the family and for a good leisure time. So, they took the children with them and started over in a medium-sized city near the mountains. In Östersund, they found exactly what they were looking for.

The family previously lived in the archipelago of northern Stockholm. They were happy enough with their house, but they had to spend many hours commuting. Christian worked for Swedavia at Arlanda. Linda ran, and still runs, her own company Lolinn & Tillman and needed to be on site with her customers.

There was simply not much time or energy left for anything else. When we started thinking about Östersund the timing felt right.

“I have my roots in Medelpad and Christian comes from Dalarna.”

The couple went up over a weekend to take a closer look at the city. They also got in touch with Maria Stenhammar at the municipality’s Department of Trade and Industry.

She found suitable jobs, possible housing, and schools. We felt really welcome. So, we just made up our minds. The first thing we did was to put our children in the queue for Östbergsskolan in Frösön. Shortly afterwards we found a house for rent in Mjälle, which is very close by.

Jobs and careers

Linda has chosen to continue with her own company in Jämtland. She helps companies with analysis and business development and has assignments at Nyföretagarcentrum (start-up centre) as an advisor.

“I feel well received here in the city, among other entrepreneurs. I have my base at Norra Stations Co-working, which is also a good way to build networks.” Christian is also happy with his new job at Jämtkraft, as head of digital collaboration. A challenging job that has meant increased personnel responsibility and a positive step forward in his career.

Everything falls into place

Already now, the family can see that their hopes have been fulfilled. They are happy, are close to everything, and have more time for each other as well as their hobbies. Christian plays veteran hockey every week and now, for example, they have more time to dance together, which has been and is a big part of the couple’s life.

“We have more energy now and more time to do things on weekdays as well,” says Linda.

However, one piece of the puzzle is still needed before the move can be complete, which is finding their home in Jämtland.

“We chose to lease out our house to start with. It offered freedom in case we changed our minds, but now we are really looking forward to owning our own home here.”

The Tillman family’s tips

Moving is not that complicated. Take it step by step and don’t hesitate to try. It is not the end of the world if it does not work out and it is possible, for example, to let out your house in the beginning.