Get inspired by new Östersund residents

Life in Östersund is perfect!

After living as an asylum-seeker in a handful of Swedish municipalities, Mohamed Natour and his family finally came to Östersund. They felt they had finally found the home they had been looking for.

“I got a job offer in Stockholm last year and my children said, ‘You move, but we’ll stay here’”, says Mohamed, laughing.

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Swapped stress and traffic jams for outdoor activity and a higher quality of life

The Hernerud-Wickholm family lived in Stockholm in a hamster wheel of stress, long commutes, and not enough time with their children.
At the same time, they were dreaming of a different life with more free time, outdoor activity, and a higher quality of life. Today that dream is a reality:

“Since we moved to Östersund, I have cut my commute by fifty minutes per day. We have so much more time with the children now”, says Åsa Hernerud.

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It was a choice between Iceland and Östersund!

Nadja and Peter Tulner, born and raised in Germany, felt that they needed to make a U-turn in life when their son Per, 5 years old, became ill from the polluted air where they lived. The choice was between Iceland and Östersund. And you have probably already guessed were they finally chose to move…

“When we got here, we decided. This was our dream space”, says Peter Tulner.

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Moving doesn’t need to be that complicated!

Christian and Linda Tillman felt that they didn’t have enough time for their family and meaningful free time. So they took the children with them and started over, in a medium-sized town near the mountains. They found exactly what they were looking for in Östersund.

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We told each other that if we feel it, we’re doing it!

Helen Johannesson and her husband Hasse had tried to convince their children to buy a house or cottage in the mountains for a long time. But after a holiday with children and grandchildren during the beautiful, snowy winter two years ago, they took matters into their own hands. They simply decided to move themselves.

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When the move leads to a brand new career!

After 10 years as a music producer and songwriter in Stockholm, he felt it was time for a change of scenery. Today he lives on Norderön in a 19th century timbered house, framed by water and mountains. Per Alexander Esbjörnsson is one of the people who have chosen to move back. To Östersund and Jämtland.

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