When Sverker Jämtgård needed more space for his business, he bought a farm property with several different buildings on it. He uses the farm’s workshop as well as several of the smaller houses himself, but he chose to let out the two residential houses.

Sverker wants to keep the village of Lillsjöhögen alive so it was clear that he would try to rent out the houses rather than leaving them empty. He placed an ad on Blocket and thought that 3-4 people would call, but the interest was much greater than that. Over 80 people got in touch!

“I was a bit shocked, actually. It turned out to be no problem at all to let out the houses. He heard from families, singles, younger and older people, even a few people from Stockholm. However, I had a requirement that it would be families with children who moved in, for the sake of the village and the preschool”, says Sverker.

Currently, there are two families with children living in the houses which are beautifully located, right on the shores of Lake Kråksjön, less than half an hour’s drive from Östersund.

“We lived in downtown Östersund before, but we dreamt of a house in the countryside since both my partner and I grew up that way. Here, in Lillsjöhögen, we can easily get out and we are close to everything: swimming, fishing, and the forest. At the same time, we can easily work in the city”, says one of Sverker’s tenants.

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