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Sverker lets out two houses in Lillsjöhögen and is pleased with his tenants

When Sverker Jämtgård needed more space for his business, he bought a farm property with several different buildings on it. He uses the farm’s workshop as well as several of the smaller houses himself, but he chose to let out the two residential houses.

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Sandra and Joel need more space

Sandra Olofsson and Joel Westlin are looking for a house in the countryside. A place where they can pursue their interests, start a family, and invite friends and relatives.

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Mikael is selling rather than demolishing

When Mikael Sillerström in Litsåsen decided to buy a neighbouring property, several outbuildings and a residential house were included in the purchase. His first thought was to tear down the residential house since it was in such bad shape, but he had a change of heart.

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